Making history with bricks

What we offer

The numerous historic landmarks of clerical, secular, commercial and industrial buildings
across northern Germany attest to its title as brick stone country. But the passage of time requires
a tribute to our cultural heritage.

It’s our aim to preserve our heritage for future generations.
Special building materials are needed to meet requirements of preservation, construction and modernisation
of historical buildings. Bricks and customized stones are suitable to create harmony between tradition and modernity.

We can assist with projects to preserve historical buildings for future generations by matching the original brickwork
as closely as possible.
Our suppliers, moulders and ceramic makers bring customized craftsmanship, experience and sensitivity to every project.
As they conform to current standards of stability and frost resistance,
our bricks are also used as accents on modern facades, where construction material choices
reflect the individuality of the inhabitants. Our bricks are effective tools in creating buildings of distinction.

Our products have a wide range of types and sizes from hand- made bricks, floor tiles and slabs, to specialty bricks,
terracotta, and glazed or unglazed items.
We can match sizes and shapes to existing ones or customize them to the specifications of the architect or builder.
All of our products are certified under DIN 105 and subject to permanent quality control.

We produce or deliver our products based on specific orders.
Because our process is for the most part manual and artisan-based,
not all colours and structures are in stock and available at all times. Delivery of your specific order depends
on the nature of your order and the degree of customized attention we must provide to achieve your desired end.

It would be our pleasure to discuss your project with you and advise you on the selection of suitable materials.
We can also provide ideas on how to incorporate our products into an eye-catching feature of your building project.
We welcome discussions on projects large and small and links to qualified partners
who share our feeling for our products and an our enthusiasm in offering them to clients.

Please contact us so that we can help you make your ideas come true.

Our partners are various brick factories and wholesalers for special brick material
in Denmark, Poland, Netherlands and Germany.



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